Innovation for enhanced production of Vanadium from waste streams

The Interreg Nord project VanProd (2017-2020) has been ended successfully. The main goal was to develop vanadium extraction and recovery technologies for solid and liquid wastes. The benefit of cross-border collaboration was that the project consortium covered a range of skills and expertise and access to different study sites.

VanProd project team

Characterization studies provided valuable information about vanadium content as well as other elements existing in solid and liquid wastes in the Nordic region. Mustavaara and Titania mining samples were considered as potential sources for extracting vanadium from wastes. Chemical leaching using ammonium oxalate and acid and the bioleaching experiments with the gluconic acid producing bacterium Gluconobacter oxydans showed the most promising vanadium leaching results. In a pilot study at Mustavaara site, vanadium was efficiently removed from mining effluents using a filter system although feasibility studies indicated that further optimization is still needed.

Liquid waste streams

You can find the project’s publications on ResearchGate

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