Interreg Aurora is a brand new programme in the European Interreg community for cross-border cooperation. The programme offers great opportunities and enables new and exciting cross-border cooperation between Sweden, Finland and Norway and Sápmi.

Polar night

The creating of the Interreg Aurora programme 2021-2027 has started during autumn 2020. County Administrative Board of Norrbotten is appointed as the Managing Authority (MA). You can find basic information of the programme planning on this webpage. The best way to stay updated about the process is to check the News section on the right side.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us:
Iiris Mäntyranta, Programme Director Interreg Nord
+46 (0)10-2255376

Anna-mari Ruisniemi, Communication officer Interreg Nord
+46 (0)10-2255417

Preparing the new programme

Tentative programme area

Following NUTS III regions are covered by the programme:
Lappi/ Lappland
Pohjois-Pohjanmaa/Norra Österbotten
Keski-Pohjanmaa /Mellersta Österbotten
Pohjanmaa/ Österbotten
Etelä-Pohjanmaa/Södra Österbotten
Troms og Finnmark
Lappi/Lappland, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa/Norra Österbotten and Keski-Pohjanmaa/Mellersta Österbotten in Finland. In Sweden Sápmi sub areas covers the whole of Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland, as well as Idre Sameby in Dalarna. For Norway the Sápmi sub area covers Troms og Finnmark, Nordland and Tröndelag as well as part of Innlandet (Elgå Reinbeitedistrikt).

Joint Programming Committee (JPC)

The partner states have agreed to establish a Joint Programming Committee (JPC). The JPC shall have the overall responsibility for the preparation of the whole programme in accordance with the rules of procedure. The JPC shall discuss and approve the final programme draft before submitting it to national approval and submission to the European Commission. The JPC consists of members from regional and national level from each partner state as well as the three Sami Parliaments. The Managing authority is responsible for secretarial support for the JPC.

Working Group Content (WGC)

The Joint Programming Committee has appointed a Working Group Content (WGC), with responsibility for the writing and drafting of the programme as well as forming programme priorities. WGC consists of all ten regions in the programme area and three Sami Parliaments, and is coordinated by Regional council of Lapland, Region Norrbotten and Troms and Finnmark County Council.

Working Group Administration (WGA)

The Joint Programming Committee has also appointed a Working Group Administration (WGA) to support Managing authority in their responsibility areas.

Managing Authority

The ministries of Sweden and Finland, in close dialogue with the ministry of Norway, have agreed to appoint County Administrative Board of Norrbotten, as the Managing Authority (MA). Norway will follow their established practice.


The programme proposal is to be submitted to the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian governments for national approval by 30th April 2021, and the aim is to submit the programme proposal to the European Commission in June 2021.

Nord + Botnia-Atlantica =
Interreg Aurora 2021-2027


Managing Authortity and WGA
Iiris Mäntyranta, Programme Director Interreg Nord
+46 (0)10-2255376

Anna-mari Ruisniemi, Communication officer Interreg Nord
+46 (0)10-2255417