Månadens projekt

The WiRMa project is about developing IoT applications for supporting the winter road maintenance in Arctic road weather conditions. The idea is to bring different systems and sensors to the same platform for experimenting with improved road weather forecasts, road information visualization and intelligent maintenance planning. The project is led by Lapland University of Applied Sciences Ltd. and it lasts until the September of 2019.


So far, the project has instrumented the traffic with road monitoring sensors that communicate real-time data to a cloud platform. The data is currently exploited in Foreca Ltd.’s and Finnish Meteorological Institute’s (FMI) road weather models in order to better predict what will happen on the road surface. The current way to visualize the road surface forecast is shown in Image 1 below. In addition, Luleå University of Technology has been developing an alert model for maintenance planning. The model is based on historical maintenance records and weather conditions. The project will also feature a machine learning system that proposes maintenance actions to be carried out based on new measurement data from traffic.


Image 1. Visualisation of road friction forecast


The project will also look at developing the existing sensor solutions. More in-depth road surface analyses based on optical sensing are carried out by Casselgren Innovation AB in Sweden. In fact, Casselgren Innovation AB and the Arctic University of Norway (UiT) are conducting research together in order to identify the feasibility of combining different optical measurement techniques for improved detection of ice properties.


The cross-border added value of WiRMa has so far emerged through sharing of ideas, technologies and data across borders. Moreover, the project has created linkages between companies and authorities across borders.


The official WiRMa website with project information will be soon opened at www.wirma-project.eu.



Lead Beneficiary:
Lapin amk

Other Beneficiaries:
Ilmatieteen laitos, Foreca oy, LTU, Casselgren Innovation AB, UiT

Project Duration: 2016-2019

Project Budget: 1 171 733 EUR

Approved EU-fund: 528 391 EUR

Approved IR-fund: 164 836 EUR

Public co-financing: 397 142 EUR

Private co-financing: 81 364 EUR