Viesso duobddága – you can learn more about Sami use and understanding of the landscape

Examples from the app were presented alongside a trail outside Ájtte museum during the Winter Market 2020.

The Interreg Nord project Viesso duobddága has developed an app that increases the understanding of the Lule Sámi area and its nature, history and culture. The project partners Ájtte – principal museum of Sami culture, special museum for the mountain region, information centre for mountain tourism in Jokkmokk, Árran Julevsáme guovdásj in Ájluokta/Drag and Luleå University of Technology has worked across borders to develop an understanding of the landscape for experiences and nature-based tourism.

The best result of the project is the mobile app with informative texts and pictures about the Lule Sami place names and the landscape on both sides of the Swedish/ Norwegian border. You can find texts in Swedish, Norwegian and Lule Sami language and you can also listen to how the Lule Sami place names are pronounced.

The project was important because information of places in the landscape and the meaning of place names was not easily accessible for visitors and even for the local population. 

The added value is that for the first time ever we have a common channel with information about the Lule Sami landscape from the Bothnian Gulf over the mountains to the Atlantic. Cooperation with Luleå University of Technology was crucial for the technical solution which made this possible. 

The project group with members from Ájtte, Árran and Luleå University of Technology

Information about the project and the results you can see in the app which you can download to your smartphone, computer or iPad.