News from programme coordinators – Interreg Aurora 2021-2027

Over the last seven months, the members of 4 sub-groups have been preparing the new Aurora programme 2021 – 2027. Representatives of 10 regions and 3 Sámi Parliaments from Sweden, Finland and Norway have worked intensively and been actively involved in the preparation of the merge programme. Various stakeholders have also given valuable contribution to the development of the new Interreg Aurora.

Programming process

In the end of May 2020 the partner states involved in Aurora programme submitted a mandate letter to the regions covered by the program. The purpose of the mandate letter was to serve as a basis for organising the preparation of the new programme and to provide starting points for the work. According to the mandate letter a working group content (WGC)  and a Joint programming committee (JPC) were established. To facilitate the work, the WGC was divided into 4 sub-groups with responsibility for the writing and drafting of the programme. We programme coordinators have ensured that the drafting process progresses according to schedule. The JPC has the overall responsibility for the preparation of the whole programme in accordance with the mandate letter and the rules of procedure of EU.

Challenging work

The new Aurora programme area includes 10 regions in 3 countries. The area is vast and the new programme will join two cross-border programs, Interreg Nord and Interreg Botnia Atlantica. Coordinating two programs and the needs of different countries, regions and stakeholders is challenging and the sub- groups have worked hard to balance the various needs into a joint programme draft. Particularly challenging has also been the fact that EU regulations and other programming-related rules have been under development during the process. For example, the content of the Policy objectives has changed in some extend during the process.

What next?

Even though we now are closer to the final proposal of the operational programme Aurora 2021-2027, there is still work to be done and therefore all regions and various stakeholders’ contribution to the operational programme will continue to be important. The Managing Authority of Interreg Aurora, together with the Working group content, is going to arrange public hearings and an online web survey in April – May. In these forums you will get a  possibility to once more share your opinion and contribute to the future Interreg Aurora programme and the important Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Keep your eyes open for more information concerning these activities on the webpage  Check the News section, which will be the best source for staying up-to-date about the process.

Cross-border greetings!

Anna-Mari Auniola        
Programme coordinator           
Lapin Liitto/Lapplands Förbund
Per-Erik Andersson        
Programme coordinator        
Region Norrbotten
Ian Jawahir                          
Programme coordinator             
Troms og Finnmarks Fylkeskommune